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How to check the number of SIM cards registered on your Iqama


Everyone is scared and very much protective these days due to the increase in crimes. Most of the crimes are happening through the mobile sim cards. If you also want to secure yourself especially in Saudi Arabia and want to know how many sim cards are registered on your Iqama/ID the below tutorial will surely help you.

Check how many sims on my iqama online

Checking number of sim registered on your iqama online thru CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission) is quite easy. No matter if you are using STC, Zain, Mobily or Friendi network sim cards you can check how many SIM cards are registered under your Iqama number in Saudi Arabia.

Basically there are are two methods from which you can easily check how many sim cards phone numbers are registered on your Saudi Iqama number. The first one is through an sms sending on the fixed number provided by different service provider and the second one is via the the CITC website

1. Check how many sims on my iqama using SMS

In order to ensure that no SIM cards are registered in the name of the subscriber without his knowledge, the Commission in coordination with Saudi Telecom Company (Jawwal), Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), and Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain) has developed a free of charge mechanism that enables the subscriber to know the number of SIM cards registered in his name, as follows:
​Company ​M​​ethod
​ Saudi Telecom Company (Jawwal) Sending SMS message containing the number (9988) to the number (900)
​ Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) ​ Sending a blank SMS message to the number (616166)
​ Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain) ​ Sending a blank SMS message to the number (700123)
​Virgin Mobile Saudi consortium LLC MVNO ​Sending a blank SMS message to the number (309985)
​​​Etihad Jawraa for Telecom and Information Technology Company MVNO ​Sending SMS message containing Letters (ID) to the number (1755)​
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2. Check how many sims registered on my iqama using CTIC


  • Select Action type: Individual or Business. In our Case its Individual
  • Enter the Iqama number and Your date of Birth.
  • let’s say that we don’t provide our mobile number. So, in that case, click on the button ‘I don’t have a mobile number.’
  • Enter the captcha code and click on Search.
  • The service tells us only about the service providers ( STC, Zain, etc.). In this case, it is telling us that the provided iqama number is registered with Sawa and Zain, as shown in the picture below. However, it is not informing us how many sims are registered on iqama on the given networks.
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Providing Mobile Number To Check Sims on Iqama.

If you want to know the detail of all the numbers under your Iqama. In that case you have to enter your mobile number and you will receive an sms.

After you entered the sms code. You will be able to see the detail of all the mobile numbers registered on you iqama number.

I am sure this service provides the comprehensive details about all the sim cards registered on Saudi iqama. You can see it is showing the exact mobile numbers and the service provider and service type as well. The display will show details upto 7 sim cards, because an expat is only allowed to register 7 sims (2 prepaid and 5 postpaid numbers) only, on their iqama’s.

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Calling At The Customer Care Helpline to Cancel the Sim

Basically there is a third method as well which is by calling the customer care helpline. In addition, you can also block or cancel sims registered on your name or iqama number thru the following numbers.

  • Zain Customer Care: 959. You can also dial 0590000959 from other networks
  • Mobily Helpline: 1100. Other networks users can dial 0560101100
  • STC Customer Care: 900 or, Dial 114 555 555
  • Friendi Users Helpline: 166000 and  0571166000
  • Virgin Mobile : 1789
  • Labera Helpline: 1755 or 0576001755

We are quite sure this tutorial will be very helpful for all the expats who are curious to know about the sim cards registered under their name/Iqama. If incase you found some sim cards which are not relevant to you and you want to cancel, we have a detailed tutorial on “How to Block / Cancel Sim Cards Registered on your Iqama“.


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