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Username cannot be Modified, You can login with ID or Iqama number instead of Username


The “Absher” platform in Saudi Arabia confirmed that the username cannot be modified, it can be used only as you entered at the time registering with Absher.

Username cannot be Modified in Absher

This came in response to a question from one of the users on Twitter, who asked, “I have a problem with the presence of two English characters in the username, while I want to delete them. What is the solution?

The Absher platform responded, stating that, “ It is not possible to modify the user’s name, explaining that if you have an issue with it, you can enter your ID or Iqama number in place of username field to log into your Absher account. ”

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Username can enter only at the time of registering Absher account, Once registered, one can use his username or iqama number or national id number and password for logging into Absher account.

The ‘Absher’ platform provides all services at the Ministry of Interior, to Saudi citizens and resident expatriates, quickly and without the need to go to the service centers. This is to ensure that the beneficiary’s time and effort are shortened and services are provided as per the highest required standards.

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