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How To Block Sim Cards Registered Under Your Iqama/ID
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How to Block Sim Cards Registered under your Iqama/ID


There is a new procedure you may want to follow in order to cancel or block a sim card in Saud Arabia. I am talking about the unauthorized mobile number if registered without your authorization. You can also block or cancel your own sim card by just filling a simple CITC form online.

Blocking Sim on your Iqama through CITC

You can easily how many sim cards in Saudi Arabia are registered under your Iqama/ID. Then you can decide either block or cancel any of them or use them as usual. However, there is any procedure to block your sim on CITC official online portal. CITC stands for “Communications and Information Technology Commission”. Remember to submit a complaint, you will need to register first on CITC. Anyway here is the procedure:

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  • Choose your desired language : English/Arabic

  • Then click on submit Complaint
  • Select personal or Business

  • Use Single Sign-on service or If you have an account click on the login.

  • After login Submit Request, select “Number or Service added without your request”.
  • Select a service provider, either Zain, STC, Mobily, Friendi, Jawwy, etc.
  • Click the Submit Complaint button.
  • Enter your details, such as Iqama ID, its expiry, phone number, etc.
  • Now choose network provider, package type, etc.
  • Once everything is done, click the Send to Service Provider button.
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You’re done, now you will get an official SMS alert with a complaint reference number so that you can trace the status of your blocking or sim cancellation request.

How to Track Sim Cancellation Request / Escalation

Once you submit a request to block or cancel a sim card in KSA and you have received a reference number. Then it’s easy to track its status. Here is the steps to do that :

  • Click on Track Complaint
  • Enter the Reference number you received in the SMS.
  • Enter your Iqama Number


  • Click on Continue to see the status of your request.
  • The status of your request either approved or rejected by the service provider or CITC after review.
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This is how you can submit a request on the official CITC online web portal to cancel or block all the sim cards under your Iqama/ID and check the request status online.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful. Do let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer them as earlier as possible. You can also join us on Facebook or Twitter for all updated news on Expat Pulse (

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