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How to Check Traffic Violations Mukhalfa in 2020 Saudi Arabia

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Each time you get a traffic violation ticket/Mukhalfa, it will be recorded on your profile in the Ministry of Interior System forever. You can access MOI Traffic Violation records by logging in to the Ministry of Interior’s online portal Absher. You will be able to check your traffic fine (Mukhalfa) amount and other details by visiting the Absher website. Following are the instructions to check traffic fines on Iqama Number.

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There are two ways to check. 

  1. Without Login to Absher
  2. With Login and More detailed.

Without Log in to Absher Account

In order to check traffic fine in Saudi Arabia without an Absher account, open the following website and click on the icon “Query Traffic Violation for Visitors”

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A new screen will open where you need to select;

  • Iqama or border number as a document type.
  • Iqama number or border number as the document number.
  • Nationality.
  • Enter Captcha Code.


Check Traffic Violations using Absher

Log in to your Absher account.

Select English as the language

Login with your username and password

Select the “Total amount for a traffic violation” tab.



A new screen will open where you need to select your name or the name of your dependent. The fine will appear on this page.

Check vehicle number plate and traffic violation ID

You can also check the vehicle number plate and the violation ID in Saudi Arabia through the Absher account very easily. After you log in to your MOI/Absher account, scroll down a little bit and click on the “Traffic Violation Information” button.

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A new screen will open detailing all your paid and unpaid traffic fines. Since your objective here is to check the traffic violation ID in KSA, you need to click on “More Details” as shown below.


Finally, you will find a pop-up screen with all the details of a traffic fine. You can check your traffic violation ID as well as vehicle number plate which committed the offense in Saudi Arabia on this screen.


Check location and time of traffic violation

In order to check the time and location of a traffic offense;

  • Login to your MOI/Absher account.
  • Click on the “Violation Information” button.
  • Find the Violation Number and click on “More Details”.
  • Click on the last line to check the time and location of the traffic fine.


Here you can find the location where the violation was committed. Sometimes the location provided is not 100% accurate and you need to provide for a margin of error of around 5Km.

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Check the picture of the traffic violation

Now you can check the picture taken by the Saher camera for the traffic fine. In order to do that;

  • Login to your account and click on the “Services” tab.
  • Click on the “Traffic” tab.
  • Select Dispute Traffic Violation”.
  • Scroll down until you see the picture of the violation taken by the Saher camera.


After checking all the details, if you are confident that you have not committed this traffic violation, you can create a dispute against it. If you are right, they will remove the fine from your account.

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