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Riyadh to witness rain from the next week onward


Are you ready for the rainy mornings and cold nights? Spell of rain to fall in Riyadh. According to the ACCU Weather plenty of rain to fall in Riyadh from next week.

As per the latest update on the weather prediction Riyadh – Saudi Arabia is witnessing rainy days for the next complete week. The weather is predicted by ACCU Weather official website. King Salman also directed prayers last Thursday for rain-seeking.

Riyadh to witness the whole week of rainy days

The weather is expected to be consistent where high will be 25-26 and low will be 11-13.

Riyadh to witness the rainy

The Civil Defense urged residents to abide by safety instructions and guidelines, such as taking extra care if driving on slippery roads and avoiding low-lying flooded areas.

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Motorists have been advised to maintain a sufficient distance between vehicles to avoid accidents.

The weather will be 23°C on the highest with intervals of clouds and sunshine with a couple of showers. The night will be as low as 12°C, mostly cloudy with clear sky & chilly winds.

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