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Updated Information on “Professional Verification” Test in KSA


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) has launched the “Professional Verification” program to ensure that all skilled workers in the kingdom have the necessary skills to perform the occupation for which they were hired. The initiative will go into full effect on July 1.

Updated Information on “Professional Verification” Test in KSA

The program will examine all skilled workers in their home country prior to their arrival in the Kingdom as well as all skilled workers who are already in the Kingdom.

Saudi Professional Verification Test

The Saudi Professional Verification test will be mandated for all institutions across the Kingdom in five stages based on the size of the establishment and the number of employees.
The following are some of the terms and conditions for the mandatory Saudi professional verification test:

  • Under the scope of the Skills Verification Program, some occupations that will advertise through official channels of communication with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and the portal of the program
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  • The employer must register the examinees for the Skills Verification test and pay all outstanding fees prior to the exam date using the online portal.
  • The Skills Verification exam contains two types of tests: theoretical and practical.
  • The duration of the theoretical exam is 30 minutes, the test taker can leave upon completion
  • The practical part of the exam’s duration is 30 minutes, the test taker can leave upon completion
  • The passing grade for the Skill Verification exam is 67% (The program reserves the right to modify this percentage and to be published in the official portal and channels of communication of the program)
  • Test takers should present proof of Identification when appearing for the test
  • Test takers should oblige to all rules and regulations regarding good conduct, and in the event of doing the opposite, the test center or its representatives are in power to take any further actions that they deem fit
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  • In case of not passed a test, the test taker is granted the privilege to retake the exam two more times for a total of three exams only.
  • Changes and modifications to time, date, and location can be made 48 hours prior to the exam date, but cancellation is not allowed
  • The price for the Skill Verification test is 600 SAR and will consist of both a theoretical and practical test

Terms and Conditions of the Test Center:

  • The test taker should not be allowed to start the practical test until he finishes the theoretical test.
  • All the specifications and requirements of the test center used in the Skills Verification Program should be applied, in case of falsification of these specifications and requirements, the license of the center will be canceled and prevented from participating in the Skills Verification Program.
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  • If the test center assisted the test taker in passing the test or contributing to the attempt to tamper with the test result in any way, it would result from an SR 25,000 penalty multiplied by the multiplicity of laborers that benefited from the manipulation of the test result (Article 3 of the list of violations and penalties to Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development issued by the ministerial decision No. 88478)
  • In case of leakage of test questions, it will result eliminating the test center and prevent him from participating in the Skills Verification Program and take all necessary legal procedures
  • The test center should provide specialized people for each occupation

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