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Key Points During The Press Conference Of Ministry Of Interior
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Key Points during the Press Conference of Ministry of Interior


Ministry of Interior press conference

Ministry of Interior press conference bullet points on 4th April 2021.

  • We have noticed an increase in the epidemic curve, which we have not seen for several months.
  • Violations add frightening numbers to the number of injuries and deaths.
  • We are still witnessing laxity in applying precautions against establishments and individuals.
  • We are continuing to control security violations in public facilities and places.
  • The security authorities continue to arrest violators of the precautionary measures in public places, residential neighborhoods, rest houses, and others in regions, cities, villages, and desertion.
  • Imprisonment and fines for anyone who broadcasts rumors and false information.
  • Seized more than 27 thousand violations of precautions during the past week.
  • The necessary measures have been taken against the violators.
  • The security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior explains the penalty for violating the instructions for isolation or quarantine.
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Ministry of Health

In order not to impose strict measures. The Ministry of Health calls on everyone to adhere to a number of important things to prevent Coronavirus including:

  • Get vaccinated.
  • Wearing masks.
  • Maintain Physical distancing.
  • Stay away from gatherings.
  • Sterilize your hands and wash them frequently.

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