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Wi-Fi 6E network launches in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announced that the kingdom will be the first country in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to make the full 6 GHz frequency band available for WiFi use, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Wi-Fi 6E network launches in Saudi Arabia

The 6E offers 150% more open airwaves that routers can use for the new generation of WiFi networks. By allocating 1,200 MHz of the radio spectrum for the WiFi6E, Saudi Arabia has now made 2,035 MHz of spectrum available for the new generation of WiFi and other license-exempt technologies — more than any country in the world.

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The decision paved the way for the next decade of WiFi developments in Saudi Arabia, with numerous applications for users, including telemedicine, education, and remote working.

Fostering WiFi 6E in Saudi Arabia was announced during a webinar, “Fostering New Generation of WiFi Technologies in Saudi Arabia,” which discussed the role of new WiFi Technologies in digitizing the Kingdom on April 1st, 2021.

In terms of internet speeds, Saudi Arabia retained its place as the 7th fastest country globally for mobile internet speeds, averaging 109.48 Mbps in Q4 2020, and 4th in the world for 5G internet speeds with an average of 264.7 Mbps. The world’s fastest 5G peak download speed of 862.6 Mbps was recorded by Saudi 5G users, surpassing South Korea in second place by 11%.

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In 2020, 5,358 new 5G towers were deployed across the country, bringing 12,302 5G towers by the end of the year. This figure is expected to rise as the allocation of spectrum for commercial uses expands, as does the demand for faster internet services.

In addition to faster internet speeds, WiFi 6E will also enable future network applications across various uses, including the Internet of Things, smart homes, and virtual reality applications. WiFi 6e will also increase wireless applications’ efficiency in the education, health, and entertainment industries by connecting WiFi networks with fiber optics to allow faster data transmission. WiFi 6e also paves the way for WiFi 7, the next generation of WiFi.

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