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New COVID-19 Strain not Found in Saudi Arabia

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New COVID-19 Strain not Found in Saudi Arabia: The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al Abdal Aali, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stated that human health is its first priority through precautionary measures.

New COVID-19 Strain not Found in Saudi Arabia

During the scientific press conference regarding the mutation of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), he said that the measures taken are aimed to reduce the chances of infected cases entering the Kingdom, while providing space for studies and the ability to evaluate risks regarding the mutation that occurred in order to reach the appropriate decisions, and so far we have not monitored any mutation of the virus in Saudi Arabia.

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He confirmed that some mutations weaken the virus, indicating that there is no change in plans to manage the anti coronavirus vaccine. We call for stick to the preventive, precautionary, and curative measures to combat the emerging coronavirus, In the event of a major mutation in the virus, there will be effective vaccines

The Preliminary information confirms the possibility that the mutation leads to the rapid spread of the virus. It has not been shown to affect the virulence of the virus, the severity of the disease, or lead to higher deaths.

He added that Coronavirus infections in the Kingdom are under control, noting that it is rare for a person to be infected with the virus twice.

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He continues that, the virus, with all its mutations and thousands of mutations, including the recently observed, all cannot be transmitted while wearing the mask, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands well, all of which guarantee protection permanently, and we must continue these measures until we overcome the pandemic while seeking to obtain the vaccine.

We invite those coming from Europe, Australia, and South Africa during the past 3 months to go to conduct laboratory tests. Those who came to the Kingdom from countries that are in the evaluation stage is requested to stay in the home quarantine and take laboratory test and repeat it every 5 days.

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The health spokesman confirmed that everyone who took the Corona vaccine is in good health, and does not show any unexpected symptoms, saying “Everyone who took the Corona vaccine enjoys health and wellness, and no unexpected symptoms appeared on anyone who received the vaccine.”

He called on everyone to register in the “Sehhaty” application to receive the vaccine, As well as to contact health through the number “937” when there are any inquiries, and take information from its official sources and not to get caught up in rumors.

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