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Saudi Arabia on Green list as Emirate Looking to Increase tourism

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Saudi Arabia on Green list as Emirate Looking to Increase tourism: Saudi citizens and residents visiting Abu Dhabi will not need to self isolate once they test negative for coronavirus while travelers from other countries not included in the list of “green” countries must self-isolate for ten days.

Saudi Arabia on Green list as Emirate Looking to Increase tourism

Apart from Saudi Arabia, other countries on the “green” list are Australia; Brunei; China; Greece; Greenland; Hong Kong; Malaysia; Mauritius; New Zealand; Singapore; Taiwan; Tajikistan; Thailand; Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

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The move, which will come into force on Thursday (Dec.24), is part of the new rules outlined by Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

The rules come following the approval from Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee.

The committee has approved increasing the operational capacity of economic, tourism, and entertainment activities to the possible optimal in accordance with the approved precautionary measures. These include shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, and nurseries.

The committee has also extended the validity of a negative PCR or DPI test result used to enter the emirate from 48 to 72 hours and replaced the tests done on days 4 and 8 from the entry with a test to be conducted on day 6 from entering the emirate for those staying 6 or more consecutive days.

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Furthermore, the committee approved the procedures for international travelers, both residents, and tourists. These procedures include exempting travelers from ‘green’ countries from quarantine and reducing the quarantine period for travelers coming from other countries to 10 days only.

All travelers will need to undertake a PCR test on day 6 if they are staying 6 or more consecutive days, as well as on day 12 if they are staying 12 or more consecutive days. Country classifications will be reviewed fortnightly.

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