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COVID-19 Vaccination Started Its Operation In Jeddah
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COVID-19 Vaccination Started its Operation in Jeddah

Coronavirus Vaccination started in Jeddah for those registered with Sehhaty app


COVID-19 Vaccination Started in Jeddah: A coronavirus vaccine center was launched in Jeddah on Thursday, becoming Saudi Arabia’s second inoculation facility after Riyadh.

Coronavirus Vaccination started in Jeddah through Sehhaty app

The center is at King Abdulaziz Airport’s southern terminal. It has been designed to receive large numbers of people in an organized way through 84 clinics managed by specialist medical staff.

Other sites within the province will be equipped to serve as vaccination centers. The center in Riyadh currently has 550 clinics. The president of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Abdulhadi Al-Mansouri, expressed his gratitude to the Saudi leadership for providing the necessary health care to maintain the safety of citizens and residents.

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“At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, our leadership urged all government agencies, the Ministry of Health and all relevant entities to join all efforts in order to face this crisis,” he said.

“GACA harnessed its potential, facilities and efforts to curb the spread of the virus in the Kingdom. This project that we are launching in collaboration with the Ministry of Health is an extension of unified participatory action.

Dr. Hani Joukhadar, the undersecretary for public health at the Ministry of Health, announced that the country’s third vaccination center would be inaugurated in the Eastern Province next week.

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He said that the number of those registered in the Sehaty app so far exceeded half a million.

Saudi Arabia on Thursday reported 11 new COVID-19-related deaths. The death toll is now 6,159.

There were 189 new cases reported, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 361,725. There are 2,958 active cases, with 380 in a critical condition. According to the ministry, there were 52 new cases in Riyadh, 38 in Makkah, and 32 in Madinah.

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A further 190 patients have recovered from coronavirus, increasing the number of recoveries to 352,608.

More than 10.78 million PCR tests have been carried out, with 34,698 taking place in the past 24 hours.

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