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STA Launches Saudi Winter Season In 17 Destinations
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STA launches Saudi Winter Season in 17 destinations


The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) announced the start of the “Saudi Winter Season” from Dec.10, which will continue until the end of March 2021, offering 300 touristic experiences in 17 destinations in the Kingdom with the involvement of 200 private sector establishments.

Tourism Minister Ahmed al-Khateeb said the winter season is an extension of the efforts of the Saudi tourism system with its partners in the state and private sectors.

He promised that the lineup of activities will provide a wonderful tourism experience, through which visitors get to enjoy the great winter climate and the geographical diversity of the Kingdom. Related : Saudi Arabia The Home Of Most Strongest Coral Reefs In The World

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The minister also reassured visitors that the STA is extremely keen on coordinating with the health authorities to implement precautionary measures against COVID-19 in order to ensure a safe tourism experience.

Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO of STA, said “The authority’s efforts and initiatives are continuous with the launch of the Saudi winter season under the slogan ‘Winter is Around You'”

The authority is working closely with partners to create high-quality packages and enjoyable tourist experiences compatible with the wonderful winter climate and the Kingdom’s natural diversity, he added. See Also : Expats Can Apply For Saudi Host Visa With 90 Days Validity Soon

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