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Correct way of changing lanes to another traffic rules

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The correct way of changing lanes to Another: Saudi Traffic police has already activated an automated camera monitoring system from November  11, 2020, to detect traffic violators who move from one lane to another without proper indicators. In this regard, the traffic police have given clear instruction on the correct way of moving from one lane to another.

4 things you must follow before changing your lane

  1. Making sure that moving from one lane to another is possible without exposing himself or other road users to danger.
  2. Ensure that traffic signs allow movement at this part of the road.
  3. Giving an indicator to move to another lane well before the start of the movement.
  4. Switching off the indicator after moving to another lane.
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According to the traffic police department, they have also stated that moving from one lane to another without following these above protocols will result in a traffic violation (Mukhalfa) of SR 300 to SR 500.

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