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Saudi Digital ID Activation Procedure – Step by Step Tutorial

Procedure to activate Digital ID in Absher

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Saudi Digital ID Activation: Saudi Arabia has launched ‘Digital Iqama’ for expatriates living in the Kingdom, one can be activated, download and save on his smartphone as Digital ID, It can use at various services without providing your physical iqama. The “Digital ID” or “Digital Iqama” can be accessed through the new “Absher individuals” app.

Citizens and Expats can use Digital ID instead of Physical Cards

Saudi Digital ID Activation Procedure – Step by Step Tutorial

Follow the below procedure to Activate ‘Digital ID (Iqama)’ with Absher Individuals :

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Download the “Absher Individuals” app from the Play Store or App Store.

1. log in to your Absher account, Verify the SMS code you receive.
2. Click on ‘My Services’ and select ‘Activate Digital ID’.
3. Now you can see your Iqama information and a button to ‘Activate Digital ID’, Click on it.

Select “Activate Digital ID


Once you activate it, you can download or take a screenshot of it and save it on your smartphone for using it without the internet.

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You may keep a screenshot of your Digital Iqama on your phone to access it without the internet.

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