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Health insurance is mandatory for all members of worker’s family

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The General Secretariat of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) emphasized that it is mandatory on the part of employers in the private sector to provide insurance coverage for their employees and all members of their families covered by the health insurance system.

Health insurance is mandatory for all members of worker’s family

“The health insurance should not be limited to a certain number of family members. The health insurance system covers wives, and all male children up to the age of 25 as well as unmarried and non-working daughters,” the council said.

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It also reiterated that a health insurance policy must be issued and that should cover the minimum limits of benefits through a qualified insurance company.

CCHI stated that the insurance coverage includes the period of probation so that the private sector employee is eligible for coverage from the date of commencement of work.

The new employer is responsible for giving insurance coverage in the event of the transfer of service and this will be effective from the day when the worker transferred the service to him, it said.

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The council also clarified that in the event of both spouses are working in the private sector, the children are eligible to obtain insurance coverage from the husband’s employer.

The private sector employees are not liable to bear any amounts of money for the payment of the value of health insurance for any member of his family covered by the scheme.

Othman Al-Qasabi, spokesman of CCHI and its executive director for empowerment and specialized supervision, underscored the council’s keenness on enabling beneficiaries to obtain full healthcare and protection.

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Al-Qasabi said that this is one of the most important objectives of the council’s strategy for 2020-2024. “CCHI is striving to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and quality in services extended to its beneficiaries,” he added. Source : https://www.saudigazette.com.sa/article/604761/SAUDI-ARABIA/Health-insurance-is-mandatory-for-all-members-of-workers-family


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