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4 points of Saudi Green Initiative launched by Crown Prince

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Saudi Crown Prince has launched two ambitious programs with the name “Saudi Green Initiative” and “Green Middle East”. Literally, it will turn Saudi deserts into green fields.

4 points of Saudi Green Initiative

1 – Under Saudi Green Initiative, the government will plant 50 billion trees in the region out of which 10 billion trees will be planted in Saudi Arabia.

2 – The initiative will reduce carbon emission by 60% in the region. Moreover, it will reduce the carbon emission of the entire world by more than 4%.

3 – The initiative will also work to increase the percentage of protected land to more than 30%, exceeding the global target of 17% per country.

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4 – Saudi Arabia will be producing 50% of its power through renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power.

Further details and the road map of the Saudi Green Initiative will be announced later. The work is expected to start soon.

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