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3 Arab Countries Where Mutated Coronavirus Detected

Mutated Coronavirus found in three Arab Countries already

3 Arab Countries Where Mutated Coronavirus Detected: Mutated Coronavirus found in three Arab Countries already. After Lebanon and Jordan, the UAE announced today, Tuesday, that it has detected limited infections with the mutated Coronavirus, which first appeared in Britain.

3 Arab Countries Where Mutated Coronavirus Detected

In addition, the health authorities in the Emirates announced, “It has been proven that there are limited cases in the UAE infected with the new mutation of the emerging coronavirus, belonging to people coming from outside the country, in conjunction with the continuous investigations carried out by the authorities Health in the state. “

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The UAE recorded 1,506 new cases of the emerging coronavirus of different nationalities, all of which are stable and subject to the necessary health care, bringing the total of registered cases to 204,369.

It also recorded the death of infected people, as a consequence of infection with the new Coronavirus, and thus the number of deaths in the country reached 662 cases.

Jordan had joined the list of countries that recorded confirmed cases of the new strain of Coronavirus, after announcing that Jordanian citizens had been infected and a delegation from Britain.

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Lebanon preceded Jordan in the arrival of the new strain to it, via a Lebanese who also arrived on a plane coming from Britain.

The emergence of the new Coronavirus in Britain has imposed travel restrictions on dozens of countries. (Source: Al Arabiya)

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