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Monitoring Websites and accounts that promoting Unknown Products

SFDA to monitor websites and accounts that promoting Unknown Products on Internet


Monitoring Websites and accounts that promoting Unknown Products: The Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) restated that, they are tracking and monitoring of the communication sites that promoting unknown products and productions on the internet, specifying that the owners and participants in them are subject to regular accountability.

Monitoring Websites and accounts that promoting Unknown Products

The Food and Drug Authority through its Twitter stated, in response to an inquiry from a Saudi citizen in this regard that, it “monitors websites and social media accounts that promote unknown and unregistered products, and follows up on those who market them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The Food and Drug Administration warned, “Everyone who participates in promoting it inside the Kingdom via the Internet or mobile phones, will be subject to legal accountability.”

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Earlier SFDA said that herbal products marketed through the proportion of alleged medical benefits that have not been approved to ensure their safety, security, and efficacy, while their source or extent of safety, security, content, and the quality level is unknown, and despite their adverse impact on health and the serious diseases that may develop due to their use.

Therefore, trading of these products is considered an explicit violation of the ‘Pharmaceutical Organizations and Products Regulations’.

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SFDA avails this opportunity to advise consumers not to be misled by such false alleges, which are absolutely untrue and may be harmful to users of these products

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