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Health Insurance of Worker during Probation Period

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The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) in Saudi Arabia reviewed the most important inquiries received by the Unified Call Center during the period from 6th to 12th December 2020.

Is the employer responsible for the Health Insurance of the Worker during the Probation Period?

The CCHI responded to a question about whether a work injury is covered by insurance or not? as it explained that unified cooperative health insurance policy excludes any illness or injury that occurs as a direct result of the work of the insured person

The Council also responded to a question whether the employer is responsible to ensure the employee during the probation period?, as the CCHI said the employer is obligated to ensure the employee from the date he joined the work in the company. Related Read: COVID-19 Is Under Control Saudi Arabia Health Minister Said

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The Health Council dealt with 5,228 inquiries and complaints during the period of 6th to 12th December, and about 7,868 incoming and outgoing calls through the call center, achieving a satisfaction rate of more than 93.5% and a level of service near to 97%

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