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196 Pakistani medical professionals arrive in Kuwait to join fight against coronavirus

The new batch of 196 medical professionals includes 41 doctors, 131 nurses, and 24 technicians, according to the KUNA report

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196 Pakistani medical professionals arrive in Kuwait: Nearly 200 Pakistani medical professionals have arrived in Kuwait on Tuesday to help the Gulf state combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Kuwait News Agency reported on Tuesday.

196 Pakistani medical professionals arrive in Kuwait

The new batch of 196 medical professionals includes 41 doctors, 131 nurses, and 24 technicians, according to the KUNA report.

The report added that the medical team has come to Kuwait as part of an agreement Pakistan and Kuwait signed in the month of July this year.

In October, 208 Pakistani health workers came to Kuwait to join the fight against the pandemic.

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Kuwait’s Ambassador to Pakistan Nassar Al-Mutairi thanked the Pakistan government for providing medical assistance to his country and said Kuwait-Pakistan ties were rock-solid and unbreakable.

In a statement to KUNA, he said that Kuwait would continue to work with the Pakistani government and people to enhance cooperation to combat the coronavirus pandemic and to promote cooperation and development in all sectors.

“Thank you to all of the healthcare workers who selflessly provide their services. You are true heroes and should be recognized as such. Blessings to the medical team. This step will help bring two brotherly countries closer,” stated the ambassador.

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At a pre-departure briefing of the second team of Pakistani medical professionals to Kuwait, the ambassador said that the Pakistani workforce in Kuwait would help foster the bilateral ties.

The collaboration signifies strengthening bilateral relations between Kuwait and Pakistan, he added.

A top aide of the Pakistani prime minister, Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari, in a statement to KUNA, said this was an occasion of extreme gratification that the Pakistani medical workforce group was leaving for the State of Kuwait to help handle the coronavirus pandemic.

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These medical professionals are ambassadors of Pakistan, indicated Bukhari who called on the group to uphold the highest values and standards of professionalism during their stay in Kuwait.

The official revealed that he would like to express gratitude to the Kuwaiti leadership for giving Pakistani healthcare professionals the opportunity to serve Kuwait. This will further cement our ties and provide an opportunity to enhance cooperation in health and other sectors.

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