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Saudi Arabia is studying other Vaccines of Corona Virus after Pfizer

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Saudi Arabia is studying a number of other Coronavirus vaccines and soon may issue a license for one more vaccine after Pfizer BioNTech, before the end of this year 2020.

Saudi Arabia is studying other Vaccines of Corona Virus after Pfizer

More than 400,000 citizens and expatriates in Saudi Arabia registered to be vaccinated as per the Ministry of Health through its Sehhaty app.

The Ministry said those who received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine are in stable condition with no issues arising. The Ministry reminds all that it is important for everyone to receive the 2nd dose in order to make sure full immunity against the Coronavirus.

The Health Ministry is planning to establish vaccination centers in various cities and governorates so that thousands of vaccinations can be administered daily.

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Saudi Arabia announced free vaccination for all Saudi citizens and resident expatriates after a 3 phase testing of the vaccination, which showed a strong immune response and continuous antibodies.

The Health spokesperson Dr. Mohammed Al Abdal Aali said healthcare workers would maintain contact and follow up with the people who received the first dose and give them appointments for receiving 2nd dose as per the schedule of vaccination manufacturers

Pfizer Vaccine requires the 2nd dose of booster shot at an interval of 21 days between each dose in order to achieve a 95% efficacy rate to prevent or decrease the effects of Coronavirus infection.

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Source: Arab News

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