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How To Get Birth Certificate for Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia


Why Birth Certificate is Required in Saudi Arabia?

Birth Certificate is an authentic document which is given by the government to the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats on the birth of their children as an identification document, assigned to record individuals birth and classify them by their name, place, date of birth, and parentage.

Whenever a family inhabiting in Saudi Arabia gets the good news of a coming baby, a new member to their family which is a blessing for parents they have to register his/her name in official documents and beside this birth certificate is also required to apply for Saudi Iqama (Residential Permit) hence, it is quite necessary to apply and get birth certificate of the child.

Required Documents to Apply for Saudi Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

  1. Parents original passports and photocopy.
  2. Parents original Residence Permits (Saudi Iqama) and photocopy.
  3. Get the Original Birth Report from Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia from the hospital that shows the name of your child and parents details.
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All documents provided must be valid.

If a new member of your family is coming soon it is preferable to make an appointment online, on Absher, before few days because sometimes available slot is 3 to 4 weeks from the day of your login so it’s better to keep monitoring, and the reason is that if you will be late for the registration of birth certificate they will charge you some amount as a penalty. Besides, the Civil Affairs Department (Ahwal e Madani) does not charge any cash for issuing birth certificates so try to get it as soon as possible.=

Procedure to Get Online Appointment for Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

  1. Go on Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia website (MOI).” Click Here
  2. Select an E-Services and then click on Civil Affairs.
  3. In the Civil Affairs, you will find “Book an Appointment
  4. Register your personal details such as ID, City, Sector, information of newborn baby.
  5. Book an appointment.
  6. Printout the reservation confirmation.
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Importance of Birth Notification

Birth notification is necessary for applying Saudi birth certificate in KSA as it defines an identity of the child by stating his/her Name and birth Date/time specifications.

To get a Saudi birth notification from the hospital, required information is personal details of parents like their nationality, passport and Saudi Iqama numbers, then they will provide you a document with a first name mentioned on it and footprints of the newborn child which you have to show to get a birth certificate of the child.

Procedure to Get the Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

After getting the birth notification, visit the Department of Civil Affairs, which is known as “Ahwal Madaniya” in Saudia.

  1. Get a print out of the appointment, from Absher, with you.
  2. Secondly, you need to download the form from here and fill [Download form].
  3. please note that form should be filled in the Arabic language.
  4. Be sure to reach on time as it is better to be early than late.
  5. Upon entering the building go to your left and let the police verify your document.
  6. Inside you will get a number that you need to attach in your documents.
  7. Proceed to the window where the police will direct you.
  8. Submit your documents there, and after a while, they will let you know when you will get your certificate done.
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After submission of these documents and getting the Saudi birth certificate, your child is now enrolled in Saudi Civil Affairs but Don’t forget provisional Birth Certificate is valid only for one year, The original Birth Certificate is issued after a year,  after getting done with all the required medical vaccinations for the baby.

Further, you can now apply for your child’s passport and Saudi Iqama (Saudi Residence Permit).

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